About Researcher Information System

1."Researcher Information System" Outline
1."Researcher Information System" Outline
The Researcher Information System (herein referred to as the DB system ("database system")) is a system for accumulating and making use of information on researchers' achievements (bibliography, papers. etc. that researchers have registered). Accumulated information may be utilized by converting it into a file or making it available to the public.

Making information available from the University Home Page
The information registered in the DB system can be made public on the Internet via the University's home page. The information will be in both Japanese and English.
Information to be made public will be automatically generated based on results of the "Privacy settings"(*1), which are set by the researcher.
*1:Menu⇒"Privacy settings"⇒"Select whether to make this information available on the University's official website"⇒Please select which information should/should not be disclosed by using the Radio Button.

Provision and disclosure of information to researchmap
Based on information registered on the DB system, managers can create files to provide to the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)'s Directory Database of Research and Development Activities (researchmap).
Information provided to researchmap and available online on JST researchmap's web site is decided based on what the researcher has selected in the DB system's "Privacy settings" (*1)
*1:Menu⇒"Privacy settings"⇒"Select whether to provide information to researchmap"/"Select whether to provide each information to researchmap and allow the information to be made available over the Internet"→Please select which information should/should not be disclosed by using the Radio Button.

Output and confirmation of individual data
◆Output individual data
Information you registered on the DB system can be exported as text files using the system's "Output individual data" function. Also by using the "Output education and research achievement form" or "Output individual record" function, the data is exported using a Record Form based on MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) and the "Japan University Accreditation Association" format.
◆Confirmation of content of information to be made available from the University home page
The DB system's "Check how data will appear on the University's website" function allows you to confirm how your information is presented (on the Japanese site and on the English site) on the University's official website even if the page has not been updated.
If there is data you did not want to disclose, open that data's setup screen and select "No" on the "Available on the University's official website".
Please note that updated information is not reflected immediately on the University's official website. The information will be reflected each night.
◆Confirming content of information to be provided to researchmap
You can confirm information to be provided to researchmap on the screen by using the system's "Check data to be provided to researchmap" function.
If there are any problems providing to researchmap in your data, a message will be displayed at the top of the confirmation screen. If you can correct it, please fix it on the given data registration screen.
If there is data you do not want to provide shown on the confirmation screen, please open its registration screen and select "Not provide" on the "Provide to researchmap".