Before using the Researcher Information System

1. Compatible operating systems and browsers
2. Required application software
3. Entering special characters (Superscript, Subscript, Italic, etc.)
4. Usage notes
1. Compatible operating systems and browsers
The DB system is intended to work with the operating system and browser combinations shown in the following table.
OS Compatible browsers
Windows 7 Internet Explorer 11
Windows 8.1 Internet Explorer 11
Windows 10 Internet Explorer 11
Microsoft Edge
OS X 10.11 El Capitan Safari 9
macOS 10.12 Sierra Safari 10

・An environment that can display Japanese is required, even if this system is used with the English user interface.
・We recommend that this system be used with a display environment that can display a screen size (resolution) of at least 1024 x 768 pixels.
2. Required application software
This system uses Unicode(UTF-8). You need to use any software (such as text editors, spreadsheet programs or word processors) which supports Unicode (UTF-8) for displaying or processing the files that are created by outputting data from this DB system.

If application software that does not support Unicode (UTF-8), then the files will not display correctly (the text will become garbled).
3. Entering special characters (Superscript, Subscript, Italic, etc.)
If there are any characters that cannot be entered (for names of bibliography, papers, etc.) then use the appropriate "conversion input format" in the following table.

*Input example*

(1) Subscripts and superscripts: Input examples are shown in the following table.

Item Example of normal notation Conversion input format Example of appearance on the home page
a Superscripts X2 X<SUP>2</SUP> X2
b Subscripts La1/3NbO3 La<SUB>1/3</SUB>NbO<SUB>3</SUB> La1/3NbO3
c Subscripts and superscripts SO42- SO<SUB>4</SUB><SUP>2-</SUP> SO42-
3P1 <SUP>3</SUP>P<SUB>1</SUB> 3P1
(2) Italic :<I>???</I>(Input example.<I>AAABBB</I>→ Example of appearance on the home page.AAA BBB

(3) Bold :<B>???</B>(Input example.<B>AAABBB</B>→ Example of appearance on the home page.AAA BBB

(4) Underline :<U>???</U>(Input example.<U>AAABBB</U>→ Example of appearance on the home page.AAA BBB

Depending on the OS and the browser you use, it will not be able to view the italic of double-byte characters (single-byte characters can be displayed italic).
HTML tags and tag codes for these special characters will be converted to the actual characters and will be displayed or output. All other HTML tags will be displayed or output as entered.
However, bold and underlined characters will not be displayed as bold or underlined when data is published on researchmap home page.
4. Usage notes
(1) Using multiple browsers
Do not log in with multiple browsers using the same employee code, as there is a possibility of errors occurring with consistency of individual data.
(2) Using "Back" button
Do not use the browser's "Back" button.
(3) Operating links and buttons
Click links and buttons only once.
(4) Characters that are not displayed correctly
The following characters cannot be handled correctly because different codes are used by Windows and Mac platforms. Do not enter the following characters:
Figures with circles, special characters such as Greek figures
・Machine dependent characters such as single-byte (half-width) katakana characters
(5) About browsers' popup blocker function
If the popup blocker function is enabled in your browser, toolbar or security software, etc., other windows opened by the DB system may be blocked.
Please refer to the software's help function to see how to allow popup windows from the DB system's address.
(6) About dialog
Such as when the number of characters button click, there is a operation to confirm the information in the dialog, but if the check box to the effect that you do not want to appear any more message dialog is displayed by the browser. When it would operate Check this check box, and then, since similar operations will no longer work, please do not check. If you have if I checked, once quit the browser, please start the system again.